• 26-11

    Fill in the Curius Education form!

    Did you already fill in the Curius Education form to help us improve the information flow between Curius and students?
    If  you did not, find the form by clicking here !
    If you did, you can come and get your free bottle opener at the Curius office!
    See you at the Curius office!

  • 29-10

    Education update!

    We often hear from our members that there isn’t a lot of knowledge about the things we do. This is a shame, because we do a lot! 1/3 of our board is fulltime committed to all things concerning education on the faculty of TPM. Not only do we have a strong input in several meetings with for example the director of education where we defend the needs of students, but we also have several platforms that could help you find tutoring, internships or even jobs. You can buy all your study books with a discount at our office, and we also organize a study breakfast every 8th & 9th week of the period.
    To make sure all the things we do become more clear among our members, we have designed a special Curius education logo that we will use whenever we do something that concerns education.
    Make sure to get your free merchandise somewhere in the next period, you will hear from us!

  • 05-06

    Curriculum wijziging Bachelor

    Vanaf studiejaar 2018/2019 zal er een curriculumwijziging plaatsvinden. TB232 Onderzoeksmethoden en Data-analyse (nu gegeven in jaar 2 periode 2) zal omgewisseld worden met TB243 Multivariate Data-analyse (nu gegeven in jaar 2 periode 4). De reden hiervoor is dat er dan ook multivariate analyses gebruikt kunnen worden in het project van Onderzoeksmethoden en Data-analyse, om zo goed voorbereid te zijn op je Bachelor Eind Project. Voor meer informatie en de overgangsregeling die gehanteerd wordt, zie de mail van Jan Anne Annema of stuur je vraag naar

  • 18-05

    Vote on the 23rd and 24th of May!

    On the 23rd and 24th of May, you get to vote for ORAS and Lijst Bèta and decide who will be your representatives in the Central Student Council of the TU Delft. Furthermore, you can vote for the FSC. Here, we will clearify these parties.

  • 16-04

    Joint Interdisciplinary Project - Master electives

    Starts September 2018
    Joint Interdisciplinary Project
    15 ECTS, instead of the electives for CoSEM, MoT & IE
    September-November fulltime (Q1, 2018-2019)

    The first five pilots will start in September 2018. The pilots of 2018 intend the participation of ± five interdisciplinary project teams of each 4 to 5 selected MSc students. The projects are focused on integrated design or research assignments, in addition to value adding, societal acceptance and engineering ethics.
    – Working closely together with companies in business innovation ‘in the niche’ on a business case to create innovative impact.
    – Broadening yourself out of your field of expertise and sharing your disciplinary knowledge, deepening your analytic and creative skills.
    – To realise change and impact. Not afraid of getting a taste of success and failure to become resilient in the face of obstacles.



Curius & TB-Café closed during the summer period

During the summer period of TPM, the Curius office and the TB-Café will be closed until the start of the academic year '18-'19. 

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