• 06-06

    Tutoring network

    Dear students,

    Do you have problems meeting your exams? Or do you pass them easily and you have some time left?


    Curius started a tutoring network for all TPM students where you can offer or ask for some extra lessons for specific courses. To do this you can fill in a 'bijlesbriefje' at the Curius office and hang it at the Education Board next to the entrance of the Curius office, or you can fill in the form at

    Good luck with the last exams!

  • 09-05

    Why Curius decided to switch banks

    After keeping our savings on ABN AMRO for a long time we decided to make a change for the better. By putting our savings in a green bank we made a big step in making our association sustainable. ‘De Triodos Bank’ invests their money in environment (49%), social matters (28%) and culture (12%). While switching banks seems like a big step it is a very easy way to choose where you want investment bankers to invest in. For questions you can always come by at the Curius office and ask me.

    Pim Munters, Treasurer

  • 19-04

    Valediction Wil Thissen

    Dear TPM Alumni,

    On 16 June of this year, professor Wil Thissen will give his valedictory lecture. He has reached the official retirement age about two years ago, and although still active, he is gradually phasing out. The valedictory lecture and accompanying event mark the official part of his retirement.

    As part of this event, and as a surprise for Wil Thissen, we would like to also show the results of his work as a MSc thesis professor for a great number of TPM students over the past twenty years or so. If Wil Thissen was your MSc graduation professor and you would like to contribute to this surprise for him, please get in touch with us by sending a short email to Hermans) before 30 April  2017.

    Obviously, you are also warmly invited to attend the valedictory lecture in person, which is planned for Friday afternoon 16 June. Details will follow in the TU Delft and TPM websites.

  • 16-01

    The new Curius Application

    The Curius Application is now online and can be downloaded! So download the App with the following links to watch photo's, subscribe for events, see your career oppurtunities and more...

                                                                    iTunes App Store

                                                                   Google Play Store

                                                                   Windows Phone

  • 19-12

    Order your food online in TB-Café

    Every Thursday TB-café will be open for everyone who wants to enjoy an after-study or after-work drink! It is also possible to eat dinner in the café, the meals will be ordered. The Bar Committee is in charge of the café.

    From now on it it possible to sign in for dinner online. Subscribe before Thursday, 17.45 and come and get your meal at 19.00 (7 o'clock) at TB CAFE!!!

    1) Klik op de link (Click on the link)

    2) Kies je maaltijd (Choose your meal)

    3) Vul je gegevens in (Fill in your details)

    4) Kom je maaltijd ophalen (Get your meal)



Last Period

The last month of the year has begun, and with that also the last month of the 24th board. Good luck with the last exams, we will try to make it more fun for you!
The 24th board

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