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Study association Curius is the official reseller of study books at the faculty of TPM. All students of the faculty Technology, Policy and Management (including minor students) can buy their books at the Curius online bookstore for a reduced price. We sell all the necessary books for courses which are taught this period. Through exclusive contracts, Curius is the cheapest place to get your books.

Please note that you can only buy books when you are registered as a Curius member, but don't worry: The discount on your study books is almost always higher than the 8 euros you have to pay for a full year of membership. 

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Books for each study programme for Q2 2020

Books Bachelor Technische Bestuurskunde*

Year 1
TB122 Toegepaste micro-economie -  €46,35
TB132A Linear Algebra and Its Applications, Global Edition-  €64,18

Year 2 
TB222 Strategisch gedrag in netwerken- €31,50
TB222 Governance: A Very Short Introduction - €9,70
TB242IA Python Crash Course- €35,18
TB242IA Data Science from Scratch: First Principles with Python - €51,77

Books Masters*

MOT2312 Research Methods For Business: A Skill Building Approach - €58,25
MOT2312 Statistics Plain and Simple - €52,85
MOT1421 Microeconomics neoclassical and institutional perspectives on economic behavior - €75,51
MOT2004 Doing your literature review: traditional and systematic techniques -€28,04
MOT1442 Ethics, technology, and engineering: an introduction – €31,28

EPA1434 Diversity Competence- €31,46
EPA1144 Actor and Strategy Models: Practical Applications and Step-wise Approaches- €76,53

SEN1141 Management in Networks – €35.59

* Prices are under the applied circumstances and we are not accountable for any mistakes within the given price.