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Study association Curius is the official reseller of study books at the faculty of TPM. All students of the faculty Technology, Policy and Management (including minor students) can buy their books at the Curius office for a reduced price. We sell all the necessary books for courses which are taught this period. Through exclusive contracts Curius is the cheapest place to get your books.

For the students who start with their bachelor coming year, there is an organised tour around the faculty on Monday 04 September. During this tour you will be guided to the Curius office, better known as 'het hok'. You can buy your books here, which is strongly recommended. At Curius we offer an exclusive price reduction and you can buy the complete package of book for your first period.

The first time that you would like to order books you will need to become a member of Curius. The registration for becoming a member of Curius is included in the organised tour around the faculty. Please note that you can only buy books when you are registered as a Curius member, but don't worry: The discount on your study books is almost always higher than the 8 euros you have to pay for a full year of membership. 

If you have any comments or questions about books, please feel free to send an e-mail to

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Curius offers the possibility to purchase all books necessary for education between faculties. Click here to order these books online. Books you order here will be delivered to an adress specified by you. Online payment is possible with IDEAL, Creditcard and Sofort banking.

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Books for each study programme

(only for this quarter, Q1)

Bachelor Technische Bestuurskunde

Year 1:
Probleemanalyse: Solving Complex Problems €26,55
Analyse en differentiaalvergelijkingen: Calculus €105.70 
Bestuur en Recht 1: 
- Openbaar Bestuur, beleid, organisatie en politiek €62.25
- Hoofdlijnen Nederlands recht €58.95

Year 2:

Fysische Transportverschijnselen:
- Transpot Phenomena Data Companion €18,45

Logistiek 2:
- Operations management: An Introduction Approach €49,64
- Logistic Systems Analysis €63,06

Year 3 (Minor): 
Finance for Entrepeneurs: Basisboek Bedrijfseconomie 
Ondernemerschap en businessmodellen: 
- Ondernemerschap in hoofdlijnen 
- Business Model Generatie 

Financial Management: Corporate Finance; The Core €67.53
Leadership and Technology Management: Managing Knowledge Work and Innovation €48.20

Introduction to Design in Complex Systems: Engineering design; A project-based introduction; 4th edition €33.07
Complex Systems Engineering: Systems Engineering Practice €70.07

Policy Analysis of Multi-actor Systems: Policy analysis of multi-actor systems €30.15
Data Analytics and Visualization: Doing Bayesian Data Analysis; 2nd edition €58.52

Prices are under the applied circumstances and we are not accountable for any mistakes within the given prices