As we all know, this period can be hard on all of us. To support you in the best possible way, we try to collect as many activities, programs and other initiatives that can help you get through this. 

We all hope you know that there are many ways to find help if needed. We are always here to help and support you, feel free to contact us! For now, we can only hope that the sun will shine and that positive vibes will rule :) 

Spring! - TU Delft

Remote studying: how to make it work? - TU Delft

Walk & Talk with fellow master students from TPM - Master Committee Curius

Lectures about recent developments concerning Corona (Dutch) - Vereniging voor Bestuurskunde

Walk-and-Talk with a coffee and a fellow TU student - VSSD

If you need to talk to someone, please feel free to contact :
Academic counsellors at TPM


Student psychologists

Motiv - organises support groups and individual consultation for TU Delft

Trust mentor
As of June 1, Sebastiaan Beekes and Annelotte Andeweg have been appointed as trust mentors for S.V.T.B. Curius.
By appointing a trust mentor, a listening ear is offered in a familiar environment to students who have to deal with undesirable mutual behavior of members, committee members and board members within the study association. In addition to this, the trust mentors may provide options for follow-up discussions with other independent parties within Delft University of Technology.
Sebastiaan can be reached via: vertrouwensmentor.sebastiaan@gmail.com
Annelotte can be reached via: vertrouwensmentor.annelotte@gmail.com
If there is a risk of suicide, call or chat 113 or dial 0800-0113 for free. In all other cases of emergency, always call 112.

Lots of love,

The 28th board