About TB-Café

TB-Café is the café of the faculty Technology, Policy and Management of the TU Delft. All members of Curius, staff members and students of the faculty are welcome on thursdays for some drinks between 16:00 - 21:00! 

The TB-Cafe is managed by 6 members of Curius and 1 member of the board of Curius. This team gets renewed every year and form the so-called "BarCo", short for Bar Commissie (Bar Committee). The BarCo was born in 2008, under supervision of the 15th board of Curius. They managed to realize a nice cafe at the faculty, which still exists today! The BarCo members nowadays try their best to take good care of the bar and make everyone feel welcome! We invite you all to join us every Thursday! 

As you might know, the cafe can also be reserved for other activities. We weekly have a lot of external activities like for instance graduation drinks. If you are interested in renting the cafe, please see the rest of this website for more information, or contact us.

Also, If ever you have any questions or recommmendations, feel free to contact us via email (barco@curius.nl) or just ask one of the members of the BarCo or the Curius board. 

See you next Thursday!
Cheers, BarCo 14.0