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This page is a collection of information regarding the master thesis process. Further this page is a place to find (and share!) tips and tricks about writing your MSc thesis. Contact me if you have any questions or suggestions and good luck with your thesis!
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Graduation portal

The graduation portal is the page on the TU website where all information is gathered regarding the master thesis for TPM students. Click here to go to the portal page.

Short thesis description per master

  • MOT: The thesis of MoT is worth 30 ECTS. Management of Technology graduates learn to explore and understand how firms can use technology to design and develop products and services that contribute to improving outcomes, such as customer satisfaction, corporate productivity, profitability and competitiveness.
  • EPA: The master thesis of EPA should report on the quality of decision-making  regarding grand societal challenges, while taking into account the socio-economic and/or political environment in which they are embedded.  Within EPA, there is a possibility for EPA students to participate on theme groups during their graduation.
  • CoSEM: The aim of CoSEM master thesis projects is to design solutions for large and complex contemporary socio-technical problems. This requires the consideration of technical, institutional, economic and social knowledge.

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Tips & Tricks

  • Look at example thesis projects from students who used similar methods on the TU Delft repository
  • For finding topics: Look at the 'further research' sections of other students' thesis 
  • Create study groups to regurlarly check in on eachother and help eachother out

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The suggested timeline of the thesis project:

  • Start - Week 1: You can start the first Monday after you finished the course Master Thesis Preparation. For this, no form needs to be submitted.
  • Kick-off Meeting - Week 4: The Kick-off meeting is a meeting where you discuss your draft master thesis project plan with your graduation committee. Based on this, the committee will give you feedback and you need to revise your master thesis project plan. For this, a kick-off form is required. In case of confidentiality of your master thesis, a confidentiality agreement should be filled out in this phase. 
  • Mid-term Meeting - Week 12: During a mid-term meeting, the progress of your master thesis will be discussed, your timetable and further plans of the thesis. These meetings are held halfway and/or at the end of the graduation project. No forms are needed to be submitted for this. 
  • Green Light Meeting - Week 21: The Green Light Meeting takes place at least four weeks before your Graduation Presentation. During this meeting, it is determined if you can graduate within four weeks. In advance of this meeting, you should submit your draft report (at least one week before) to your graduation committee. You also need to submit your draft report to check for plagiarism. For this phase, you need to submit a MSc Thesis Green Light form and the First page of your master thesis report. 
  • Graduation Presentation - Week 25: This is the last moment before you become an engineer. At least two weeks before your graduation presentation, you need to submit your master thesis. On this day, you will present your master thesis for your graduation committee and for all your friends, family and fellow students. From this day forward, you are officially an engineer!