Welcome to the bachelor section of the Curius website. This section is for students who are looking for a bachelor programme or students who are currently following the bachelor programme at the TPM faculty. The section provides information on the contents of the programme, the choices that have to be made during the bachelor programmes, and the latest developments surrounding bachelor education.

Entry Requirements
The TPM faculty offers only one bachelor programme: Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management (better known as Technische Bestuurskunde). Students who finished their VWO with a N&T profile can start with this bachelor. For the exact entry requirements you can have a look at this website.

Content of the programme
The bachelor Technische Bestuurskunde contains courses about several disciplines like mathematics, economics, law and policy analysis. You also learn how to combine these disciplines and to solve complex problems with modeling.
For more information, have a look at this website (in Dutch).  

Choosing your domain
After half a year of studying Technische Bestuurskunde, students have to choose a domain specialisation. In this domain specialisation you learn specific knowledge of a sector of labour. These are the three options:

- Transport & Logistics (T&L)
- Energy & Industry (E&I)
- Information & Communication (I&C)

For more information about the three domain specialisations, you can have a look here (in Dutch).

Choosing your minor
After finishing the first two years of the bachelor programme, students choose a minor. A minor is a half year of study (30 ECTS) and every student has a free choice on which minor he or she chooses. There are many possibilities at our Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management (TPM) and even more at the Delft University of Technology. Here you can find overview of all minors accessible for bachelor TPM-students (in Dutch).

Another possibility is to do your minor abroad. For more information about that, you can visit our Going Abroad-page. Keep in mind that to study abroad, in general, you have to orientate and sign up early.

Choosing your master
To find information about master programmes, you can have a look at the Curius-website, or the TU Delft-website.

If you have any questions related to bachelor education on the faculty TPM which cannot be found on this website or the TU Delft website, please contact the programme director or ask your question at the Curius room.




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