Specialisaties & Tracks

During the second year, you will be choosing a  specialization of 15 ECTS and 10 ECTS of electives. There are 8 specialization, where both CoSEM, MoT and EPA-students can participate. Furthermore, the electives must be approved by the exam committee. Therefore, we would advise that, before your moment of choice,  you visit the graduation coordinator to determine which electives are meaningful for your master programme. The specializations can be found on the specialization page. Note: For CoSEM you have track electives which work slightly different compared to the specialisations in terms of the ECTS allocation.

Go to the graduation portal for a more detailed description of the specilisations. 

  • Emerging technology-based innovation and entrepreneurship  + Annotation
  • ICT Design and Management
  • Economics and Finance
  • ​Advanced Modelling Gaming and Design
  • ​Supply Chain Management (not for CoSEM T&L)
  • ​Infrastructure and Environmental Governance +Annotation
  • Cyber security

Joint Interdisciplinairy Project

The Joint Interdisciplinary Project is an exceptional opportunity to incorporate real interdisciplinary teamwork into your Master. You will work together with passionate fellow students and companies in technical innovation ‘in the niche’ on a business case to create innovative impact. Teams will be able to think beyond their field of expertise, deepen their analytic and creative skills all the while sharing their disciplinary knowledge. Students will get the guidance required to realize the change and get a taste of both success and failure to become resilient in the face of obstacles. The projects are focused on integrated design or research assignments, in addition to value adding, societal acceptance and engineering ethics.

If you want to know more: https://www.jointinterdisciplinaryproject.nl/

Want to go abroad in the third semester of your master?

Faculty TPM has many contacts abroad. A student can choose to perform his/her specialisation abroad, because one is free to choose any specialisation. The faculty has contacts with many universities across the world where you can study during your third semester. Here, you can find the list of partner universities of the TPM faculty. The partner universities can change per year. Therefore, this list will be updated every year.

Would you like to do you specialisation abroad or is there another reason for you to study abroad? Contact Toke Hoek from the TPM International Office. She can help you to explore your opportunities.