FreshCo trip Bruinisse

22 November 2018

It's always something to look forward to, when the first year students of EPA and MOT go to the legendary Bruinisse. We, as the FreshCo were also there to provide some games and a party for these freshmen.

It all started with a nice welcome from our beloved Hannie! After we had the delicious dinner, the games started. Running around with eggs on a spoon, chairdancing, the whisper game, flunky ball, and we even did a scavenger hunt for the MOT group. It was a shame that during the EPA Bruinisse trip, there was not enough time left to do this.
When the MOTers started, the most creative groupnames and pictures were made during the scavenger hunt. Some groups were even 'hunted' by locals because they tried to pick up a very large iconic shovel from the ground. These locals even threatened to call Hannie, which made the students listen immediately.

After getting back into Henkie's house, the party started. For EPA this was with a nice small Bluetooth speaker, making the people that really wanted to dance, dance around the chair with the music. For MOT we managed to get a big speaker, which was making the real party getting started. All kinds of music, especially the Indian music made the Indian people dance like crazy, making everyone happy and enthusiastic.

However, at 23:01, Hannie came into Henkies house ordering the music to be put down. This was the end of the dancing, but not the end of the great night, as many beverages were still to be consumed.
The next day, we saw a lot of hungover faces, waiting for Hannie to clean up their rooms before they were allowed to get breakfast and go to their next day-program which was either to the Ministry or the boat trip through the Port of Rotterdam.
As the FreshCo, we are sure we made a great night out of it, there in the cosy Bruinisse with our beloved Hannie. Hopefully, this event will stay legendary for the upcoming years!


FreshCo '18/'19