MaCo MOT - Ice Skating

MaCo MOT - Ice Skating
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Datumdonderdag 24 februari 2022 van 16:00 tot 20:00 uur

Ice skating with MaCo MOT!!

While Q2 is coming to and end and so is winter, MaCo brings to you an iceskating event - Rink on the ice! 
The event is on the 24th of February for the price of 1.5 Euros per person. You can bring your own pair of skates or rent a pair of skates at the venue. 
It would cost an additional 6 Euros for renting a pair of skates. 

We would start from Delft station at around 16:00 and we expect you to be there at 16:30h. 
If you prefer to directly arrive at the location, the address is: Toepad 95, 3063 NJ Rotterdam.

So grab a pair of skates and slide into the new season with your friends!

It is compulsory to wear gloves on the ice rink!