TenneT Case Day

TenneT Case Day
Georganiseerd doorESTIEM


LocatieClassroom H, I, J at Faculty of TBM
Datumdonderdag 17 februari 2022 van 09:30 tot 16:30 uur

Application for the Tennet Case Day on the 17th of Februari is now open!

The TenneT Case Day is a substitution for the TIMES, a case event organised by ESTIEM. ESTIEM is a committee that connects students all across Europe that follow a study in our field of studies. Joining this event opens up a new network with students for you!

The TenneT case day will begin in the morning at 9.30 with a welcome and a introduction to the case. Then from 10.00 you will get 3 hours to solve the case in a group from 3 to 5 master students. After the provided lunch, you will present your solution to the case to the Jury.

After all presentations are held, a winnner will be elected and the winner will of course win a prize!

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We would love to see you there!

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