Beer package BarCo 14.0

Beer package BarCo 14.0
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Datumdonderdag 23 december 2021 van 16:00 tot 18:00 uur

Please proceed with the payment through the Curius website and fill in this Google Forms link to complete your subscription. 

Dear Curioten,

Still looking for a nice gift for your family, or are you just craving a lovely beer? This is your chance to order a packet of 4 (!) different craft beers for only 5 euro’s. Which craft beers are included will stay a secret, although you can always order them during a TB-café, so our regular guests will be able to make an educated guess.

We will deliver the package Thursday the 23rd of December from 16:00 onwards (if you live in Delft).


BarCo 14.0