Masterclass Blockchain

Date:  26 April
Masterclass Blockchain

- APRIL 26 - 

Bitcoin without doubt the word of the moment. The Blockchain makes sure that parties in a network can perform transactions in a fast, safe an reliable way without knowing each other. Recently, we have seen a big growth of the amount of crypto currencies, ICO's and other new kinds of Blockchains. Al these terms have different meanings, but are often used in the wrong context. One thing is for sure: Bitcoin and Blockchain technology are here to stay.

However, there are lot's of questions around this revolutionair technology. What is Bitcoin exactly? how does a Bitcoin transaction work? How does Blockchain technology work? Where can we use it for? Why are there so many crypto currencies? How can I store my coins in a safe way?

To give a balanced and clear answer, Badreddine Tazrouti from Blooming Minds is coming to the faculty on the 26th of April to give a masterclass in 'Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies'. This masterclass will help you understand the most important aspects of the Bitcoin and Blockchain hype in a short time. The masterclass will end with an interactive quiz with nice prices. Maybe you'll get inspiration out of it for you master thesis or BEP?

See you the 26th!