Inhouseday Adyen

Date:  19 December
Inhouseday Adyen

~ Open for international students ~
~ For MSc students only ~

You’re part of a team of brilliant minds of Curius! The skills you’ve learned over the last few years are extremely valuable to the world’s most innovative companies.

What do Facebook, Spotify, Netflix and Uber have in common? They all use the payments technology of Adyen. Our solution processes over $90 billion in transactions a year for the world’s smartest and fastest-growing companies. In fact, when you make a purchase from the world’s leading brands, you use Adyen too – probably without even realizing it! 

In spite of our massive growth, we are still just at the beginning of our potential.
We have built an internal culture designed to help us scale - with a flat hierarchy in which ideas and solutions are judged on their merit, and abundant opportunity for collaboration and professional development.

Do you want to learn more about Adyen? Join our Inhouse Event at December 19th!

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