Founded in 1990, ESTIEM nowadays counts 79 member universities from 31 countries across Europe having a reach of 60 000 students. Yearly, more than 180 events focusing on academic development, skills development, competitions and intercultural exchanges are being organised across whole Europe.

Below is an overview of relevant activities organized by other local groups throughout Europe. 
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Estiem Delft visits Istanbul, Turkey

 Istanbul         Event date:                      01-03 to 05-03            
                    Application period:          01-01 to 30-02 

From the 1st till the 5th of March our fellow Technology, Policy and Management students in Istanbul will be organizing an activity week! Always wanted to know what is like to live, study and party in Istanbul? Make sure you sign up quickly!  For a small amount of money you receive a place to stay and meals for all five days in Istanbul. Our contacts there will show you around the City to see the beautiful sights Istanbul has to offer and introduce you to the student life in Turkey.  Make sure to sign up quickly because full is full. Flight tickets to and from Istanbul are only 130 euro if you book now!

For more information check out the ESTIEM site or our facebook, Estiem Delft. 

Vision Data Science, Belgrade

 Belgrade      Event date:                 10-03 to 17-03            
It’s the 21st century. Everyone keeps talking about the importance and value of data. Yet again, it's all kind of an enigma to regular people. That’s okay, but with you it’s different. You have a choice.

Maybe you’ve found yourself questioning your understanding of a little thing called data science. Maybe you’re a curious mind with a burning desire to acquire knowledge. Or maybe you’re just that one friend in the group that shuts down when everybody starts talking about advanced technology and you’re sick of it. Well, either way, we know the perfect plan to improve your knowledge and abilities!

Vision Data Science is coming your way March 10th to 17th. Not only will you get a chance to experience Belgrade and make a lot of new friends, but you can expand and apply your knowledge of some of the hottest topics these days.

If you are interested in Blockchain, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data mining, Data visualisation etc, join us - learn, travel and enjoy.

Now the question is: why Belgrade? The capital of Serbia’s location at the confluence of the Danube and Sava river was the perfect place to build fortresses and monuments, one of which is The Victor - the symbol of LG Belgrade. Today Belgrade is famous for great nightlife, food and drinks and for ESTIEM's local group Belgrade which has proven itself to be one of the best educational centres in the whole of Europe.

You need vision to see and an application to come, and don’t forget to fill in the additional form:
Applications are open from the 28th December and they end on the 5th of February, but you have an outstanding opportunity to become our early bird if you apply until the 17th of January. So, hurry up and apply on the following link:
We are waiting for you!
*The additional form is obligatory to fill in - without it, you cannot be accepted.

TIMES Semi-Final, Ilmenau

 Ilmenau     Event date:              16-04 to 20-04              
0,-               Application period:   01-11 to 26-11

TIMES Delft is a study case competition in which teams of 3 or 4 people compete to be the best TB-students of the faculty. These students will win a payed trip to the semi-final in Ilmenau, a lovely little city in the south of Germany with an impressive university of technology. There the winner of TIMES Delft will meet different winners from all around Europe. The winners of the semi-final will continue to the final in Lisbon. To sign up, check out the Estiem facebook page.