Umincorp Internship Project

Required language
Dutch, English
Commences at
22 November 2023
Finishes at
28 February 2024


Project subject Waste Stream Exploration for Innovative Recycling Technology
Project period: 3-month internship for master students with flexible start date (Rotterdam)

At Umincorp we have developed a disruptive process to accurately separate
a waste-stream of a mixed flow of polymers. The precise and fast separation
is based on the Magnetic Density Separation (MDS) technology in our plant
in Amsterdam ( Such a
process recovers more plastics from the input and comes to pure final

We are seeking an enthusiastic and analytical master's student to embark on
an exciting internship project focused on exploring potential waste streams
that can be effectively processed using our technology. In this internship, you
will delve into the world of market research to identify and evaluate various
waste streams suitable for integration into our MDS process. Your
responsibilities will include investigating the availability and characteristics of
different material waste that can be efficiently separated using MDS. The goal
is to broaden our understanding of the diverse waste landscape and identify
new opportunities for sustainable recycling.

You will work closely with our technology development team, collaborating
with experts in various backgrounds. Your tasks will involve data collection,
analysis, and the presentation of findings. Throughout the internship, you will
have regular meetings with your company supervisor to ensure guidance and
support in your exploration of waste streams.

If you are looking for an internship in a dynamic company where you can
apply your business and engineering skills, then you are at the right place. In
addition, you will receive a monthly stipend of €450, along with
complimentary lunch and reimbursement for commute costs.

Contact person/supervisor: Hamza Ourabi
Phone: +31 682694603