Friends of Curius

Professor dr. Ernst F. ten Heuvelhof is professor of Public Administration at the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management at Delft University of Technology (DUT). He is the Director of Education of the faculty of Technology, Policy and Management of the Delft University of Technology since September 2011. He has always been open for discussion with Curius about how the faculty and the education of TPM can be improved. Ivo Bouwmans is head of the bachelor’s programme of TPM. As a lecturer, he visits the Curius office often during the break to talk with students. Apart from that, Ivo loves to have a chat with the commissioners of education of Curius about how to improve the curriculum. We have experienced Ivo as very helpful towards Curius.

Dr. ir. Alexander de Haan is an assistant professor in Policy Analysis and in addition to his research projects he teaches courses for both the Bachelors and Master programme of TPM. Alexander has won the Teacher of the Year Award for 2013, for his personal approach to students and innovative way of teaching. Every once in a while he visits the Curius office to talk about his courses, and discuss new ways of teaching. He is a source of inspiration for students and he has always been open to help Curius with difficulties. 

Ferrie Förster is a TPM alumnus and current alderman of Delft. As a student, Ferrie was part of two committees of Curius, and after he graduated, he helped Curius with events. His most recent contributioin was his support for the National Congress of Public Administration.

Pieter Guldemond is a TPM alumnus and current Managing Director at Yes!Delft. As a student, Pieter was part of two committees of Curius. After his graduation, he was an alderman for Delft. During that period he helped Curius with events, and kept on doing so after he moved on to his current position.

Jessica Sun is a TPM alumnus and former board member of Curius. At the moment she is working as projectmanager at Aegon. Before that she worked a long period at the ING bank at the Blackbelt department. She was involved when the Blackbelt department was founded and she was in charge of the first decentral Big Data cell within ING.

Yvo Saanen graduated from the Faculty of Technology Management and Management in 1996. Then he obtained his PhD titled: "An approach for designing robotic maritime container terminals". At the same time, Yvo Saanen started his own company in the logistics sector, Technical Management Advisory (TBA). In the meanwhile, TBA has become one of the leading consulting firms in the field of logistics processes around container terminals. Yvo Saanen is currently still active as managing director of TBA. In the past, Yvo Saanen has been involved with Curius as treasurer of the second Curius board.

Alex Brenninkmeijer is a member of the European Court of Auditors. He has been active in various jurisprudence in the field of social security, civil law and tax law in the past. From 1995 to 2002 he was vice-president of the central board of appeals. In 1995, Alex Brenninkmeijer became professor of state and administrative law at Leiden University. After that, Alex Brenninkmeijer was appointed National Ombudsman in 2005 until 2014. 

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