President: Marjolein Heezen 
Secretary: Quinn Blanco
Treasurer: Vladimir Sobota
Commissioner of Activities: Juan David Godoy
Qualitae Qua: Femke Pragt

Hi There! We are from the Freshman Committee, better known as the FresCo. We as a committee organize activities for all first year master students from the faculty TPM. These activities are there to give an introduction to the first master year. During these activities, the fresh master students can meet new friends and if you are new to Delft, get a taste of the real Delft student life! 

The stars of our committee are: 

  • President, Marjolein Heezen (MOT): The president keeps an overview of the tasks that need to be done, he also leads and structures meetings and discussions and creates the meeting agenda. Besides that the president is the general spokesperson during activities.
  • Secretary, Quinn Blanco (EPA): The secretary writes down the core of everything that’s being discussed during meetings and reports this back to the FreshCo after the meeting is finished. He is also in charge of the communication to the participants of activities.
  • Treasurer, Vladimir Sobota (MOT): The treasurer makes/creates a budget with all the costs and incomes and keeps an overview of all the finances. Furthermore he keeps an eye on all the money flows during meetings and activities.
  • Commissioner of Activities, Juan David Godoy (EPA): The commissioner of activities supplies the group with creative ideas and also makes sure the rest of the committee thinks of ways to improve the experience of our activities.
  • Curius Secretary, Femke Pragt: As president of the 25th Curius board and also FresCo member, she was the connection between Curius and Freshco. Besides being the connecting element, she made a big contribution to all the activities FreshCo organized. 

We are all second year master students from different masters, but all from the TPM faculty. Joining FreshCo and organizing its activities has been a blast. Meeting new people and making sure new students are feeling welcome proved to be a very pleasant and learning experience. Besides all the fun activities and parties, our committee proved to be a very nice group of people. If you want to do something extra besides your master at TPM, we would definitely recommend being part of FreshCo!

FreshCo 2014/2015
FreshCo 2015/2016