• 23-01

    Terugblik op de Ouderdag

    Ondanks dat KNMI code rood had afgegeven op 18 januari, is het verbazingwekkend veel ouders gelukt om af te reizen naar Delft. Daar vond namelijk de ouderdag plaats! De eerstejaars bachelor studenten hadden de kans om hun ouders de faculteit te laten zien en uit te leggen wat Technische Bestuurskunde nu precies inhoudt. Het programma zat goed vol en o.a. de opleidingsdirecteur Jan Anne Annema en alumnus Ferrie Förster, tevens de wethouder van Delft, kwamen spreken. Een broodje Leo tijdens de lunch kon vervolgens niet ontbreken. Na een leerzame ochtend en middag werd de dag afgesloten met een spannende quiz waarbij échte Curius snuggies gewonnen konden worden. Aansluitend heeft iedereen kunnen genieten van een borrel en live muziek in het Tb-Café.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   De ouderdag commissie hoopt dat alle ouders inmiddels een beter beeld heeft gekregen van waar hun kind dagelijks mee bezig is en wenst alle eerstejaars veel succes met de tentamens!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

  • 08-01

    Educational News - A Good Start!

    The Bachelor Thesis Project (BEP) and Master Thesis are about to start! Therefore, Curius is organizing  BEP drinks and Master Thesis drinks to give you a boost for the start of these projects. Join us at the TB-Café to meet your fellow students that will begin the same journey. The drinks for Bachelor and Master students will be on Thursday the 15th of February

  • 08-11

    Breathtaking Lustrum Prom

    This year Curius celebrates its 25th anniversary and this, of course, had to include a prom! Months of preparation resulted in an event that honoured the theme of our Lustrum. The beautiful castle and the presence of many famous Curius guests created a breathtaking ambiance! With a tribute to the previous Lustrum, many memories have been relived. The last 5 years have passed by so fast. However, this does not mean that only old memories were in the spotlight but also new memories have been made. With silver touches, gorgeous students and 25 years of experience, an incredible night was created.  This was one of our Lustrum activities during this year of festivities. Hope to see you all on the next activity to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Curius!


  • 06-11

    Educational News - Government Changes

    Government Changes: What does that mean for the students?
    On the 10th of October 2017, the Dutch government presented new plans for the coming years called a government agreement. In this agreement, the government also showed their point of view with respect to academic education for the next four years. This brings about several changes for the students and we will highlight some interesting developments. First, students are still required to loan money for their studies instead of getting a contribution from the government. Interesting to note here is that the two government parties promised to make sure the students get a contribution during the elections. Furthermore, the interest rate of the loans is going up which means all the students together will pay 225 million euros extra. There is also a bright side to the government agreement. Students get 50 % discount on their first-year tuition fees! This saves you approximately 1000 euros in your first year! For more information on the government agreement, a poster on this topic is displayed at the Curius office.

  • 26-10

    Lunch lecture by Gupta Strategists

    On Thursday the 19th of October, Gupta Strategists came to visit our faculty and gave the first lunch lecture of this college year. The lunch lecture was visited by more than 25 students! Ankie Kerstens and Koen Merkus, both working as a strategist for Gupta Strategists, talked us through Gupta’s structure, working fields, personal development tracks and atmosphere. Afterwards, we even got put to work: groups of four students each had to make an educated estimation of complex questions in a so-called ‘sizing-assignment’.

    Altogether, the first lunch lecture of the year was a great success. See you at the next lunch lecture!



Last Period

The last month of the year has begun, and with that also the last month of the 24th board. Good luck with the last exams, we will try to make it more fun for you!
The 24th board

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